Impact Hub Bogota leaves the network

Impact Hub Bogota has always been a light for driving impact entrepreneurship in Colombia. It is thus with great sadness that, after many years of successful operations, we have to announce that Impact Hub Bogota is now officially closed.

Impact Hub Bogota enabled and inspired entrepreneurial action for positive social and environmental impact in Colombia and across the LATAM region. They did this with great efforts by convening people, organisations and networks for civic innovation and experimentation, fostering powerful collaborations within their community of social enterprises and beyond.

Since 2012, Impact Hub Bogota has executed more than 15 comprehensive programs to support growth and innovation, in more than 400 ventures in all their stages of development (ideation, incubation, acceleration), in various regions of Colombia. These programs included virtual and/or face-to-face workshops , personalized mentoring , networking events , collaborative work sessions , connections and membership to the local and global Impact Hub community. Impact Hub Bogota has supported more than 50 organizations from the public, private and academic sectors, likewise we have facilitated more than 100 events of our own and for allies, with more than 5,000 participants.

On behalf of the Impact Hub network, we thank Impact Hub Bogota for their collaboration over the years. We wish them all the very best going forward and discovering new pathways to collaborate on social impact and entrepreneurship efforts. If you are looking to join or work with another Impact Hub in Colombia, please contact Impact Hub MedellĂ­n or Impact Hub Santander.